12 BP Gala: Color Spectrum Spectacular 1

Color Spectrum Spectacular
Kiss the rainbow and add each of these boldly colored dresses to your wardrobe! Be sure to get them all… the bonus dress is a runway showstopper you won’t want to miss! Collect all 8 Exclusive Items to receive the special Bonus item from the House Mom!

Cost: 12 Brownie Points per Attempt

Good Luck!

:: Color Spectrum Spectacular Collection ::

Sultry Samba Gown
Charm: 42
Pop: 8

Sweet Clementine Gown
Charm: 11
Pop: 41

Smell the Daffodils Dress
Charm: 13
Pop: 39

Chartreuse Silk Gown
Charm: 43
Pop: 6

Elegant Forest Capsleeve Dress
Charm: 5
Pop: 48

Cerulean Empire Flutter Gown
Charm: 15
Pop: 38

Stunning Violet Goddess Dress
Charm: 41
Pop: 12

Drop Waist Indigo Gown
Charm: 9
Pop: 42


Rainbow Macaw Fridged Gown
Charm: 50
Pop: 50

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