12 BP Gala: Maidens and Their Fantasies 5

Maidens and Their Fantasies
In this world, you have to use all of your wits to stay ahead of the game. There’s danger around every corner, so be sure you watch your back. If they come for you, stand strong!

Collect all 8 Exclusive Items to receive the special Bonus item from the House Mom!

Cost: 12 Brownie Points per Attempt

Good Luck!

:: Maidens and Their Fantasies Collection ::

Draping Lavender Gown
Charm: 35
Pop: 17

Baby Red Dragon
Charm: 9
Pop: 44

Stormy Skies Gown
Charm: 39
Pop: 12

Blood Red Chiffon Dress
Charm: 4
Pop: 48

Fight For Me Hair
Charm: 42
Pop: 11

Twisted Chesnut Tresses
Charm: 18
Pop: 34

Regal Crown Hairstyle
Charm: 39
Pop: 14

Jamil the Brave
Charm: 15
Pop: 27


Golden Goddess Gown
Charm: 50
Pop: 50

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